Artist talks with Alia Shawkat and Lance Bangs:

- Marcel Dzama
- FriendsWithYou
- Geoff McFetridge
- Andrew Kuo
- David Choe

Working across media Marcel Dzama brings a fanciful world to life in his work. Dzama draws upon the imagery of royal courts, parades, European nationalism, secret bureaucratic meetings, and silent films to create works that are as sinister as they are whimsical.

Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III are FriendsWithYou. Their sole aim is to spread the positive message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship™. Turning the austerity and inaccessibility of the fine art world on its head, FriendsWithYou create immersive, depoliticized environments in which viewers can become participants and players.

Artist and designer Geoff McFetridge's paintings, posters, and installations distill the imagery of everyday objects and bodily gestures into a symbology that is obvious in presentation, yet subtle and nuanced in meaning. "In my work images and language are equals.

Decked out with a game room, a radio station, and a remote control tire swing, David Choe's Los Angeles warehouse studio is a testimony to the "bonus level" that he has reached in the art world.

Andrew Kuo's diagrammatic paintings are dissections of his likes, loves, and anxieties. Occupying the space between graph and color field painting, Kuo's paintings fuse the objectivity of information, with the subjectivity of personal experience into "abstract" geometric images. Kuo is also well-known for his New York Times music infographics, which charts the artist's experience of live music and newly released tracks.

AuthorAlia Shawkat